TIG BIG is an original business investment and growth initiative by Tinvestgrow. With TIG BIG, micro and small business owners stand a chance to access business investment funds to the tune of N2,500,000.00 (Two million, five hundred thousand naira only) by submitting a short business plan with clear and concise details of how they think the Tinvestgrow TIG BIG business investment fund can help their business grow.

We will not only provide investment funds to the business that is selected for our TIG BIG business investment series fund, we will also help your business by refining business strategy through business research and analyses, mentorship programs with leading business experts in your business field, business marketing and the use of modern technology to ensure that the business grows and succeeds.

We plan to share the risk and reward of the business, making sure you are able to focus on what matters most which is the successful day to day running of your business. While we handle the business funding, growth marketing and other strategic business support as stated above.

Please note that this investment is not a loan, so the businesses selected for the funds are not required to repay the money over a specific or fixed time-frame. Rather it is a long term investment by Tinvestgrow in exchange for equity in the business.

Remember we want to see you grow. THINK - INVEST - GROW (T.I.G)

Stay connected with us on Instagram and twitter @Tinvestgrow, or send us an email via our email addresses: info@tinvestgrow.com or Tinvestgrow@gmail.com for more details.

We will announce the date for the commencement of the TIG BIG Business investment series as well as qualification requirements on our social media channels very soon. Follow us to learn more.

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