Tinvestgrow limited also known as THINK INVEST GROW (T.I.G) is a micro investment and growth company with a focus on micro and small business development in Africa starting from Nigeria.

We provide funding to existing micro and small businesses with high growth potential in order to help them scale and grow to become larger and more successful companies. As a team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, we understand the challenges that micro and small businesses face especially in the unique Africa business environment, and we are committed to helping our portfolio companies by sharing the risk and reward of their businesses with them.

We believe that there are a lot of talented, innovative and smart individuals in Africa with very bright business ideas and expansion plans for existing businesses with funding and proper support / management being the only thing stopping them from achieving their goals and dreams.

Tinvestgrow was established to address this issue by providing creative, innovative and exciting methods of funding. As well as the necessary structure, experience and support needed for promising businesses to catalyse socioeconomic growth and entrepreneurship in local communities and markets, thereby contributing our quota to employment, poverty eradication and global economic development.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in most African countries have the potential to drive much-needed job creation and economic growth – but in most cases they have little access to the capital they need to thrive. This is why our aim is to build slowly by providing funding to micro and small businesses first, through a specially designed selection process with the help of industry experts and modern technology that helps us identify the businesses with the best potential to thrive in the African business economy.


What we do at Tinvestgrow limited can be summarised in the three sentences below just like our name implies THINK INVEST GROW:

You THINK of a business idea or already have a profitable micro or small business.

We INVEST in your business in exchange for a stake in the business (equity).

We GROW the business with you by deploying our resources with support from our team of experienced investors, entrepreneurs and modern technology.

Our mission is to identify and invest in micro and small businesses with strong market potential.